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Best Tooth Extraction in Chandler - Dental Arts of Chandler

What are tooth extractions?

Tooth extractions are used to remove teeth that are critically damaged or that haven’t responded well to other dental procedures. Here’s what you should know about tooth extractions in Chandler, Arizona.

Tooth extractions refer to procedures used to completely remove teeth from their sockets. A tooth extraction is also known as “pulling a tooth.”  We perform tooth extractions in Chandler, Arizona for multiple reasons:

  • To remove teeth due to spacing problems

  • To remove teeth with severe decay or infection

  • To remove an impacted tooth (a tooth that can’t erupt through the gumline due to spacing issues in the mouth)

  • To remove a tooth that’s badly damaged

The complexity of a tooth extraction depends on the specifics of the situation. For example, impacted wisdom teeth or a tooth that’s fractured usually require a more complex extraction procedure to ensure the surrounding jawbone isn’t damaged. 

What are the benefits of tooth extractions?

Depending on the specifics of your dental situation, tooth extractions in Chandler, Arizona may be your best treatment due to the benefits associated with the procedure. 

You Alleviate Overcrowding Issues

Occasionally, you simple don’t have room for all the teeth in your mouth. Extracting a tooth is the best option for fixing problems related to crowded teeth. 

Tooth Extractions Quickly Remove Your Problematic Tooth

One advantage of a tooth extraction is that it quickly removes the tooth that’s diseased or causing you to feel pain. Since an infected tooth can spread bacteria to your healthy teeth, it’s ideal to handle this infection as quickly as possible. Extractions are a quick, effective way to do so. Getting rid of the diseased tooth will also eliminate the source of your pain so that you feel better.

Removing the Tooth Can Ultimately Improve Your Smile

If your tooth is broken or fractured, extracting it is required before you can replace it with a dental implant that will help you restore your smile. 

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