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Best Root Canal Retreatment  in Chandler - Dental Arts of Chandler

What is root canal retreatment?

Root canal retreatment, also known as endodontic retreatment, refers to a root canal procedure that has to be repeated on a tooth that’s already undergone the procedure. 

Some reasons for root canal retreatment include:

  • The crown or tooth restoration wasn’t completed fast enough after the initial root canal

  • Saliva contaminated the inside of the tooth

  • The canals were narrow, curved, or otherwise abnormal, caused the first root canal to be unsuccessful

Sometimes, the need for root canal retreatment is due to an entirely different issue. If new decay or another infection develops, this may require another root canal. Or, if the crown or tooth is damaged, we may need to provide endodontic retreatment. 

What are the benefits of root canal retreatment?

Root canal retreatment in Chandler, Arizona has benefits for your tooth and overall dental health.

Retreatment Can Save Your Tooth

Endodontic treatment continues to be a preferable treatment because it helps you save your tooth. Whenever possible, it’s best for your oral health to keep your natural tooth. 

Root Canal Retreatment is Similar to the Initial Procedure

While the retreatment process during your procedure may be different because we want to ensure that we address the source of your infection, the actual procedure should be comparable to your initial root canal procedure.You won’t experience pain or discomfort. 

We Can Use Advances in Technology to Retreat Your Tooth

Dental care is continually embracing new technological advancements to help patients enhance their dental and oral health. Root canal retreatment may utilize these new advancements to ensure that the procedure has a high chance of success. 

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Root Canal Retreatment

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