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Best Oral Cancer Screening in Chandler - Dental Arts of Chandler

What is oral cancer screening?

In one year, estimates state that approximately 54,000 adults will be diagnosed with oral cancer. 

Oral cancer screening in Chandler, Arizona is an essential addition to your dental and health care routine to assist with the early detection of cancer. Oral cancer screening is a type of preventative dental appointment where we perform a physical examination to look for signs of cancer.  Some areas examined during an oral cancer screening in Chandler, Arizona include:

  • The neck

  • Face

  • Jaw

  • Inside of your mouth

We’re looking for lumps and areas of discoloration. If we locate an abnormal spot, we’ll schedule a biopsy for the suspicious area to determine if it’s cancerous. 

What are the benefits of oral cancer screening?

The main benefit of oral cancer screening is that early cancer detection significantly increases your chances of surviving oral cancer. 

Early Detection Assists with Treating Oral Cancer

When oral cancer is detected in its early stages, the five-year survival rate is 85 percent. However, if the cancer has spread to nearby organs or tissues or the regional lymph nodes, the five-year survival rate drops to 68 percent. 

Oral Cancer Screening in Chandler, Arizona Can Help You Manage Your Risk Factors

There are numerous risk factors associated with a higher risk of oral cancer, including:

  • Age

  • Smoking or tobacco use

  • Testing positive for HPV

  • Heavy alcohol use

  • Gender (men have a higher risk)

  • High levels of sun exposure

  • Consumption of unhealthy foods

While regular oral cancer screenings in Chandler, Arizona won’t entirely mitigate your risk factors, they’ll help you detect changes in your oral health as early as possible. Ready to make an appointment for oral cancer screening in Chandler, Arizona? Contact us today to book an appointment!

Oral Cancer Screening

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